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Dirty Jokes Category:

All our jokes listing within the Dirty jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the full joke.

1.      3 stars

Interviewer: What is the difference between paper clip and a screw?

Interviewee: I do not know. I have never... more

2.      1 stars

Men come in three sizes: small, medium, and oooohhh yesss!

... more

3.      0 stars

Three things that sound dirty at office, but aren't:

  1. I need to whip it out by 5.
  2. more

4.      3 stars

Three things that sound dirty at police staion, but aren't:

  1. He is one hard officer!
  2. ... more

5.      3 stars
A 90 year old man shows up for a physical. He tells the doctor he is about to marry a 20 year old girl.

"Really?" said... more

6.      4 stars
A cucumber and a pickle were having a conversation. The pickle said to the cucumber, "I got it bad man, every time I get... more

7.      3 stars
A gentleman is permitted to join a private club. The initiation consists of holding an unprepared on-the-spot lecture, o... more

8.      4 stars
A guy finally gets a date with an easy blonde. To prepare for the date he sunbathes in the nude on his roof, falls aslee... more

9.      4 stars
A guy is riding the bus when at a stop, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen gets on. The only problem is that she... more

10.      3 stars
A guy walks into a bar and sits down next to a man who has a burlap sack and a little guy about a foot tall sitting on t... more

11.      3 stars
A guy's car breaks down in the middle of town, and he looks for a hotel to stay in while he waits for his car to be fixe... more

12.      4 stars
A man dials his home and a strange woman answers. The man says, "Who is this?"

"This is the maid," answers the woman.... more

13.      4 stars
A secretary for a foreign embassy was entertaining a wealthy foreign ambassador during lunch at a very expensive restaur... more

14.      3 stars
Aawww Girl you are so sweet your name should have been "Now & Later". Get a little bit now and get a little bit later.... more

15.      4 stars
An old man approaches the window of a cinema with a chicken on his shoulder, and asks for 2 tickets. The girl at the cou... more

16.      0 stars
Every man got a special name that they call their Pe%$@. I call mines the bell tongue which is that looooooong thing rig... more

17.      2 stars
First of all I would like to say that this is a remake of a joke I just done. Why do Women shave between their legs?.... more

18.      5 stars
Grandpa and Billy were working out in the garden. Grandpa spies Billy trying to put a worm back into the ground.

"You... more

19.      4 stars
It's the Spring of 1957 and Bobby goes to pick up his date. He's a pretty hip guy with his own car. When he goes to the... more

20.      5 stars
Little Mary was not the best student in Sunday school. Usually she slept through the class. One day the teacher called o... more

21.      4 stars
On the first day of college, the Dean addressed the students, pointing out some of the rules:

"The female dormitory w... more

22.      2 stars
One day a cruise ship capsised and only 3 men survived . And they hold on each a wood plank and floated to an island. A... more

23.      3 stars
One day a kid asks his mom if he can take a shower with her. She says, "Sure son, but don't look up and don't look down.... more

24.      2 stars
One day in the convent the nuns had their morning prayer session. At the end of the prayer session the head nun stood up... more

25.      4 stars
one day there was a girl having sex with a mexican dude and her mom walk in on them and her mom said wat r u doing havig... more

26.      4 stars
Q) What does a vibrator and soybeans have in common?

A)They are both meat substitutes!!!!

... more

27.      5 stars
Q:Why is air a lot like sex?

A:Because its no big deal unless you are not getting any.

... more

28.      1 stars
Sex is like a bad car accident. Every time we are in the bedroom there's a crash with heavy body damage.... more

29.      5 stars
The biology teacher at the all-girls academy was handing back a test on the male anatomy.

"I don't understand why you... more

30.      2 stars
The officer shouted orders to a nearby soldier. With considerable bravery, the GI ran directly onto the field of battle,... more

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